S.C. Salgueiros

Sport Comércio e Salgueiros, founded on December 8, 1911, is a multi-sport club with headquarters in the parish of Paranhos, in Porto.

In the time of the “old lady”, when soccer was still practiced in the streets by the barefoot, with balls of rags wrapped in an old sock, Portugal was still far from knowing the current modality of soccer.

This article describes the current situation of Salgueiros: Linha de Passe

Global vision

Sport Comércio e Salgueiros is a special status of the club declared of public utility in Portugal (in 1982), commander of the title holder of the Order of the Infanta (Portuguese High Distinction), the gold medal city of Oporto, as well as the medal of merit sporty

This club was created on December 8, 1911 and aims to develop the sport in Portugal. It is intended to promote the sport of its members, to develop the sport, providing the appropriate means to do so, and organize social action accordingly. This club is open to anyone without distinction of religion, race, nationality and offers the possibility of joining this universal mission by the possibility of being “partners” of the club. The “members” are holders of rights to play sports offered by the club, representing the volunteer, financially, that in exchange for a membership fee of up to 15 euros per year.

The club said in its statutes that when you become a member “members” SC Willows, this link is for life, it can be broken and its members must honor their club act and its bylaws.


SC Salgueiros was founded on December 8, 1911.

A group of friends (João da Silva Almeida, Antenor, Anibel Jacinto), after watching the derby Benfica-FC Porto decide to form a football club: a mini dream takes shape under a street or are discussed the constitution of this new football club .

The club becomes official in the first meetings, but it is necessary to find money to buy a complete equipment. We are approaching Christmas in the year 1911 and the children decided to organize a happy Christmas group instructed to sing in a choir under the windows of the neighbors, without forgetting to tighten the covers at the end of the performance. They collect 2800 reis, which allows them to buy the club’s first football.

They choose the red color to distinguish themselves from Porto’s rivals and because red is the color of Love and Passion. The plot is that of Arca Agua … field plowing over football, but the beginning of a better future germinate in the minds of children who see their dream come true.

In the years 2000, the soccer section is dissolved. It is rebuilt in 2008 under the name Sport Clube Salgueiros 08.

A new stadium of 13,000 seats and new infrastructures are planned in place of the current stadium in order to develop a vibrant urban fabric in the image of the club; with infrastructures integrating perfectly in the center of the city of Porto and allowing the development of sport, cultural, social and commercial activity.